VantageLocal Case Study

805% Revenue Increase in the first year

20130426_revenue4 rich_creative

*This project is under NDA. Several details and images can not be included.


1. No rich media capabilities in ad units (RTB Display Advertising)
2. No scalable ad production process
3. Company does not know the requirements and options available with ad exchanges


1. Tons of ongoing work and RFPs (limited time; requires fast release periods and useable milestones)


1. Identified and requested DFA account(s)
2. Researched iAB standards
3. Read documentation of DFA and Exchange requirements
4. Meetings with DFA support contact
5. Tested several built-in and third-party services
6. Prototyped and tested custom in-banner video unit


1. Ideation of a much more sophisticated and customizable architecture, compared to existing product offerings
2. Rapid prototyping of several rich media products
3. Designed and developed a library of rich media templates
4. Licensed a third-party production tool and extended it with the rich media templates and custom integration
5. Discovered limitations of third-party tool
6. Designed and developed custom ad production software
7. Tested and launched
8. Improved architecture
9. Re-iterated
10. Repeatedly added features
11. Always analyzing custom analytics reports, and testing
12. Engineering created a live testing and reporting tool
13. Integrated the production tool with publishing, approvals, and operations software
14. Designed and developed a major upgrade featuring all rich media features in HTML5/JavaScript for mobile support
15. Added new rich media features
16. Upgraded the production tool UX and UI