Monster iPhone App Case Study



1. Brand an iphone music app as Monster (with custom feature)
2. Create a UX that is easy to use
3. Do not introduce scope creep for developer
4. Deliver it in 1-week
5. Get owner and multiple stakeholders to approve

*original app
ms_player_original ms_artists_original  ms_select_original


1. Create UX similar to iPhone factory player to reduce user learning curve
2. iPhone flat/line design for look and feel
3. Create pixel-perfect comps with vector-based UI for rapid implementation
4. Send designs in-process quickly to developer for feedback
5. Create dark and light versions to focus owner’s buy in
6. Include “not so great” mockups with specific stakeholder requests listing pros and cons, including developer’s feedback (ex. requested background pattern creates poor readability)

ms_player_stakeholders ms_artists_stakeholder ms_refresh_stakholder

7. Deliver style guide including vector icons
8. Make quick revisions
9. Drink whiskey!

ms_player_final ms_artists_final ms_select_final monter_screenshot

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