Monster Case Study


The Problem

1. Average user visit duration on pages is very low
2. No process for deep development (resulting in bugs and fragmentation)
3. No unified brand
4. No mobile support
5. Desire for personalization of content
6. No CMS



1. Existing pages need to be updated
2. New product pages need to be made weekly
3. Developer time is limited
4. Limited money for new content and tools
5. Project manager has no web experience



1. All the current pages, sites, sub-brands, and products
2. Competitor sites
3. User wants and needs provided by external agency
4. Meet with all product and brand managers
5. Meet with owner (CD), head of marketing, and sales trainers
6. Meet with director of e-commerce
7. Meet with photo & video director regarding content
8. Dig through thousands of files of existing content
9. Review the work of the past 3 seniors that quit



* Concept Ideation
1. Propose a modular architecture, and responsive framework

monster_web_wireframe monster_phone_wireframemonster_tablet_wireframe

2. Apply to current work of existing and new products
3. Work directly with brand managers with the template (stopping all custom development requests)


4. Version scope and introduce new modules
5. Convert old pages to the template
6. Adjust the design for common issues, requests, and misuse of modules


7. Create a uniform web style guide, including specific content rules for maximum cost-savings in content production and scale for personalization
8. Prototype an improved template with CSS framework and jQuery libraries


9. Scope interactive and animation needs for wow factor
10. Show dev how to a/b test pages



1. Average 55-sec page visit duration increased to over 2 minutes on tested page, 191% more than the site average
2. Module design strategy successfully implemented a deep development practice
3. Consistent brand and user experience established
4. Mobile support with fully responsive framework
5. Scalable strategy delivered for personalization of content
6. New modules supported the efforts of the social team, events team, ambassadors, and the video department

In my 18 years in marketing and advertising, Mr. McConnell is one coworker who has made a significant contribution to Monster. - Frank Vallejo III, Senior Art Director

…world-class, precisely thought out, well planned, and designed just for the audience it’s targeting. – Ian Andal, Creative Operations and Leadership

Michael goes beyond “best practices” to deliver on the unimagined. – Jennifer MacIntosh, Director of Marketing

Michael is a Subject Matter Expert. – Ed Chavez, Full Stack Developer

Michael, can be trusted to lead UX initiatives for desktop and mobile e-commerce. - Trevor Dubbert, Art Director & Senior Graphic Designer

Michael is a God. - Jeff Helfand, Director of E-Commerce